• Image of Graffiti Halo (Red)
  • Image of Graffiti Halo (Red)
  • Image of Graffiti Halo (Red)

'Graffiti Halo' is my merging of two seemingly different yet inspirational visual icons, the sacred art of the old world and a 21st century graffiti hand style. Though I'm a bit of self confessed heathen, that hasn't stopped me admiring the amazing art that faith can inspire, be it from a religious source or that born purely from the faith of one's own personal creative convictions. An Iconoclast I'm really not, I just think there is equal meaning to be found in all forms of creativity both the classically taught and the more auto-didactic.
The original statue in the image can be seen in the V&A museum and is of St Claire of Assisi.

Halo is a 3 layer screen print.

Edition #100.

Red, Blue & White onto 300gsm acid free stock.

Print size: 80cm x 60cm. (A standard frame size)

Price: £130

All prints come Signed, numbered & embossed.